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Coral Calcium Watchdog is a non profit group designed to help you wade through the mud slinging and offer you an unbiased view on coral calcium.  We offer no sales pitch.  We have no products to sell.  We offer well-researched, balanced and sensible information on coral calcium products. 

Please enjoy the resources we provide you, and make an informed decision weather or not you need a coral calcium in the first place, and if you do, which coral calcium product is right for you.

Do you need Coral Calcium?

It is always preferred to get the recommended daily intake of calcium from your food, so first try and maintain a calcium rich diet.  The Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) for most adults is 1000 mg/day of elemental (pure) calcium, but the average American is only consuming 600 mg/day.  For those that are unable to obtain adequate calcium in their diet, it may be necessary to supplement.

How to Choose a Coral Calcium Supplement?

If you decide that coral calcium is the best calcium supplement for you then be an educated consumer.  Before you purchase a coral calcium, use the resources throughout this site to help you decide between the many coral calcium products available on the market.

Coral Calcium Product Reviews

See our latest coral calcium product reviews and analysis. Do you know what ingredients are in your favorite brand of coral calcium?

We want to hear your good and bad experiences with coral calcium products, send us your personal coral calcium review and get it published on our web site.
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Top 9 Rated Coral Calcium Products

After analyzing over 200 different coral calcium brands, Coral Calcium Watchdog has weeded out the low grade coral calcium and the list is now down to the top 9 coral calcium products. The coral calcium products were rated by quality and value to the consumer, taking into consideration ingredients, dosages and formulas.  See the top 9 coral calcium products below

Best Coral Calcium

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