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Coral Calcium Watchdog

Whenever a health supplement enters the market with a national television campaign behind it like Coral Calcium, many companies offer their own versions of these products.  Each company claims to have the best coral calcium and confusion arises as everyone tries to present their brand in the best light.  In a highly competitive market like this, companies often source the least expensive ingredients in order to survive or thrive, and the consumer ends up with a white powder that looks identical to the quality material, but it is not.

Coral Calcium Watchdog is a non-profit web site formed by the Calcium Research Society™.  We are interested in helping people sort through the many new terms they are reading and gain a clearer understanding of what Coral Calcium really is, what it really does and how to choose some of the better ones.  You will notice that we list a cross section of competing companies and their web site addresses so you can easily research their sites.

Because we are a non-profit organization we prefer that you email your questions rather than telephoning.  Thank you.

Coral Calcium Watchdog
Address: 2718 Lexington Woods Drive Spring, TX 77373 USA
Phone: 713-695-8434

Have a question?  Please e-mail [email protected] and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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