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Robert Barefoot

Robert Barefoot is not a Doctor, but a chemist who has published research articles on the subject. He is better known as an author and a dynamic lecturer.  He is the author of "The Calcium Factor", Death by Diet" and his newest book "The Disease Conspiracy".  He has also appeared in many TV interviews and infomercials promoting his coral calcium products.

In our opinion, like other excellent promoters, Robert Barefoot has been known to overstate certain benefits of the type of coral calcium he gets paid to promote.  His overstatements have brought criticism to an excellent health supplement.  It should be noted that there are other less-visible experts on coral calcium that offer balancing perspectives.

What is the Bare Foot Formula

Several companies, each with a different formula, either have Bob Barefoot's name on their formula or advertise that they represent him in one way or another.  Bob Barefoot has licensed his name to a company which has developed several brands and markets through several distributors.  Confusing matters further, Mr. Barefoot has represented most of the Coral companies at one time or another as his mission is to help America heal itself and he tends to hop from company to company.  If you see his name on a bottle of coral calcium, one thing is certain - Bob Barefoot is not producing it as he has parted company with the licensor of his name.  Not that it really matters - plain ground up coral in powder form works very well on it's own.  Any formula containing some Vitamin D and maybe a few other goodies is a bonus with or without Mr. Barefoot's name on it.  Again, choose your product using criteria other than who's name is on it or who formulated it.

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