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Brazil Live Coral Calcium

Brazil Live Coral Calcium is a live harvested coral calcium distributed by HL Distribution Co.  This Brazilian coral calcium is the only product so far that has not had it's minerals depleted through aging in the elements since it is picked up as it washes in while still living.  It is cold processed unlike Okinawan corals to retain the marine nutrients, proteins, amino acids and phyto-nutrients.  We predict that this new comer will gain popularity and perhaps overtake Okinawa coral calcium sales in time.

Brazil Live Coral Calcium

120 Capsules
800 mg of Coral Calcium per Capsule

Each Capsule Contains:  
Calcium from Coral
223 mg
73 minerals from Coral 497 mg
Magnesium from Coral and chelated minerals 80 mg

Certificate of Analysis:

Western Analysis, Inc.
40 West Louise Avenue
Salt Lake City, Utah 84115
January 6, 2003
Project # 02-0987
Customer: HL Distribution Company
PMB 2270 - 4080 Paradise Road #15
Las Vegas, NV USA 89109
Analyst: Kyle Schick, Laboratory Manager/Chemist  
Analysis Requested: Total elemental composition of Brazilian Coral Mgr. 0823
Sample I.D.: Brazilian Coral Mgr. 0823
Lab # 85572
Procedure: The sample was diluted as necessary in glass Class A volumetric flasks. The elements Chloride, Fluoride, and Bromine were analyzed via Ion Chromalography (I.C.) Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption (CVAA) was used for analysis of Mercury. Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption (GFAA) was the method used to determine Arsenic, Selenium, Lead and Antimony. Semi-quantitative analysis for all other elements was carried out using Inductively Coupled Plasma - Optical Emission Spectrometry (ICP-OES).  
Aluminum ppm 1420 Mecury ppm 0.011
Antimony ppm 4.57 Molybdenum ppm <0.1
Arsenic ppm 0.11 Neodymium ppm 3.51
Barium ppm 5.57 Nickel ppm 0.074
Beryllium ppm 0.081 Niobium ppm <0.1
Bismuth ppm 2.19 Osmium ppm <0.05
Boron ppm 12.1 Palladium ppm <0.05
Bromine ppm 11.5 Phosphorus ppm 169.
Cadmium ppm <0.03 Platinum ppm <0.05
Calcium ppm 279,000 Potassium ppm 427.
Carbon ppm 124,000 Praseodymium ppm 0.63
Cerium ppm 2.11 Rhenium ppm <0.2
Cesium ppm 2.66 Rhodium ppm <0.05
Chloride ppm 2370. Rubidium ppm 27.6
Chromium ppm 5.10 Ruthernium ppm 0.055
Cobalt ppm 0.107 Samarium ppm 0.67
Copper ppm 1.59 Scandium ppm 0.685
Dysprosium ppm 1.15 Selenium ppm 0.060
Erbium ppm 18.9 Silica ppm 28,000
Europium ppm <0.1 Silver ppm 1.78
Fluoride ppm 7.55 Sodium ppm 3970.
Gadolinium ppm 3.04 Strontium ppm 2190.
Gallium ppm 1.27 Sulfur ppm 940.
Germanium ppm 3.08 Tantalum ppm <0.05
Gold ppm <0.05 Tellurium ppm 0.066
Hafnium ppm <0.1 Terbium ppm <0.2
Holmium ppm <0.1 Thallium ppm 0.33
Indium ppm 0.17 Thorium ppm 0.081
Iodine ppm 10.6 Thulium ppm <0.05
Iridium ppm <0.05 Tin ppm 0.197
Iron ppm 10,100. Titanium ppm 31.1
Lanthanum ppm 0.314 Tungsten ppm <0.05
Lead ppm 0.061 Vandaium ppm 12.9
Lithium ppm 3.90 Ytterbium ppm 0.237
Lutetium ppm 0.310 Yttrium ppm 1.74
Magnesium ppm 99,800 Zinc ppm 16.2
Manganese ppm 90.5 Zirconium ppm 0.642
Bacteria counts/100 g 6      
< = no quantities of this analyte detected above the stated limit.  

Compare Brazil Live Coral Calcium to Other Brands of Coral

To compare Brazil Live Coral Calcium to the leading brands of coral calcium please see our coral calcium comparison chart


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